Flipside Gymnastics Classes

Flipside Gymnastics prides itself on being a place for families and friends to gather for physical fitness and fun activities.
Tumble Tots
We offer a Tumble Tots class for walking to 3 year old students with a parent or guardian. We have moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas and a variety of others that come to enjoy class with the students. Tumble Tots gymnastics provides an excellent movement foundation for children. Students play and visit with each other while learning concepts as over, under, near, far, beside, and through.
Students move from Tumble Tots class to our Pre-school program. Pre-School classes are held weekly. They include tumbling, balance beam, bar work, vaulting and trampoline. These events help to develop muscular coordination while improving strength and flexibility.
School Age
Students move from the pre-school classes into our School Age gymnastics classes where they continue to develop flexibility, coordination and self-control. All classes begin with warm-ups and stretching followed by rotating around to the different events in the gym such as Balance Beam, Uneven Bars, Parallel Bars, Vaulting Horse, Pommel Horse, Trampoline, Tumble Trac, Spring Floor, and Climbing Ropes, followed by Strength and Conditioning.
We also offer two levels of Tumbling classes, a beginner tumbling class as well as an advanced tumbling class. The beginner class is designed for new tumbling athletes whereas the advanced tumbling class require that students already have a cartwheel, roundoff with good form and can do a back hand spring with a spot.
Open Gym
Join us and your friends at our Open Gym! Open Gym is designed for children ages 3 and up to spend time in the gym exploring the equipment, practicing appropriate level skills they are working on and having fun. Open Gym is supervised by a parent or adult guardian. The rules of Open Gym will be reviewed each session and Flipsides staff will monitor events for safety. Call first to verify we are holding open gym and sign up ahead of time. Open Gym discount passes available for birthdays, holidays, raffles, a rainy day etc.
...And More
In addition to our weekly classes in gymnastics Flipside would like to invite you to join our sensational staff for many upcoming special events. We will be holding Boys & Girls Parents Night Out Parties, Holiday Events, Group Events and Private Lessons. For more information and to sign up for these events please call 508-533-2353 or stop by the gym!
The staff at Flipside Gymnastics looks forward to your patronage as we continue to promote the love of fitness.

Questions? Please contact info@flipside-gym.com or call (508) 533-2353
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